2018-08 (August 6, 2018)

  • Support for executing PowerShell scripts during an OSBuild Task. Simply place your scripts in OSBuilder\Content\Scripts and select then when creating an OSBuild Task.

  • Resolved issue in WinRE.wim where winpeshl.ini had a -prompt parameter. Modified to -network. This caused an issue where Operating System Upgrades would wait for interaction.

18.8.5.* (August 5, 2018)

  • Extra Files now uses Robocopy /b to resolve replacing files protected by Trusted Installer in the Install.wim

18.8.2.* (August 2, 2018)

This update is all about customizing WinPE!

  • New-OSMediaTask now validates Admin Rights are required

  • New-OSBuilderISO now displays the Parent directory (OSMedia and OSBuilds)

  • Get-OSBuilder will create the following new directories

    • OSBuilder\Content\WinPE\ADK\Win10 x64 1709

    • OSBuilder\Content\WinPE\ADK\Win10 x64 1803

    • OSBuilder\Content\ExtraFiles

    • OSBuilder\Content\Scripts

  • New-OSBuildTask

    • Validates Admin Rights are required

    • Corrected selecting MSDaRT CAB to -OutputMode Single

    • Added prompted selection of WinPE Scripts

    • Added prompted selection of WinPE Extra Files

    • Added prompted selection of WinPE ADK Packages

  • Invoke-OSBuilderTask

    • Added support for WinPE Scripts

    • Added support for WinPE Extra Files

    • Added support for WinPE ADK Packages

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