OSBuilder uses the Latest Cumulative Update from WSUS, as I have detailed in the previous page

but this may not be the Latest Latest Cumulative Update. In this case I am trying to update Windows 10 1607 with a UBR of 14393.2608. A quick check using Update-OSMedia without the Execute parameter identifies the Cumulative Update as KB4467691

Windows 10 Update History

According to Windows 10 Update History, this is not the Latest Latest Cumulative Update, so I need a method to add KB4478877 to OSBuilder

Microsoft Update Catalog

The Latest Latest Cumulative Update that I need is posted in the Microsoft Update Catalog

Clicking on the Download button will let me 'Copy link address' to my clipboard


From there its a simple Copy / Paste into New-OSBUpdate

Which will create a Custom Catalog XML with the Update information

The new Update will be available as a Download using Get-OSBuilderUpdates

andUpdate-OSMedia will recognize the new Cumulative Update as a requirement

Things To Know

  • Don't forget to remove the Custom XML files that are no longer needed

  • OSBuilder will only install the latest Adobe, Cumulative, and Setup Updates

  • There can be multiple Component and Servicing Updates, and they will be installed by OSBuilder in chronological order

  • Multiple Updates can be added easily to OSBuilder :)

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