PowerShell Scripts

There are thousands of customizations that can be added to a Windows Image, and it would be impossible for OSBuilder to contain Parameters for all of these. This is why New-OSBuild has the ability to execute PowerShell Scripts.

Add a Script

You can easily add a Script to OSBuilder by placing the PowerShell Script in the OSBuilder\Content\Scripts directory


Once a PowerShell Script has been added, you can create a New-OSBuildTask and select the Scripts you want to include

Edit an Existing New-OSBuildTask

If you know how to edit a JSON file, you can easily add a Script to an existing New-OSBuildTask


Here is a good example of how to properly format a PowerShell Script to remove OneDrive Setup from the Registry and to delete the Shortcut


This script will add This PC, Network, and Control Panel to the Desktop for all users

New-OSBuild -Execute

When executing the New-OSBuild with the Scripts in the Task, you should see the scripts executed in the PowerShell Console


The screenshots below should speak for themselves

OSBuilder.Public Git

These scripts are available on Github as part of my OSBuilder.Public Git


If you find this useful, I would appreciate it if you could come up with a script for me to add!

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