WinPE Drivers

While WinPE 10 has a fair amount of Drivers, it may be necessary to add specific ones for the Computer Models you support.

I do NOT recommend adding more than a few MB of Drivers as this will increase the size of your WinRE. If WinRE.wim is too large, it will not fit in your Recovery Partition (I recommend a 984MB Recovery Partition to prevent this issue).

OSBuilder WinPE Driver Location

WinPE Drivers are located in the following (pre-created) location


Integrating Dell WinPE Drivers

Don't worry if you use a different computer vendor, the process should be similar. Dell provides a CAB download at

I can easily download the WinPE 10 CAB and extract the files to the corresponding directories. In this case they were added in this structure.

C:\OSBuilder\Content\WinPE\Drivers\WinPE 10 x64\Dell A08 x64C:\OSBuilder\Content\WinPE\Drivers\WinPE 10 x86\Dell A08 x86


Once the Drivers have been added, Get-OSBuilder should show the added directories.


Once there is content in the WinPE Drivers, a New Task will show the content and allow you to add it.

Large WinRE.wim

Keep in mind that adding Drivers to WinRE may result in a WIM that is too large for the Recovery Partition. One concern is that Dell has 103MB of MSI files in the WinPE 10 x64 Driver Cab, out of 160MB total.

Find the large Drivers and remove them, they are more than likely Thunderbolt related. I removed the following two and was left with 55MB of Drivers remaining to be imported into WinPE, which will increase WinPE and WinRE about half of that, which is acceptable.

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