Work with Languages

First things first, I must apologize. I live in an en-US world, and while I do create our Enterprise images, I do not create them in anything except en-US. Manel Rodero has done some testing with OSBuilder to improve on making it a little less en-US, and a little more glo-BAL. I hope this helps.

When importing an Operating System, OSBuilder will now add the Language to the imported media, if it is not en-US.


In the case of a single Language, OSBuilds will include the Language in the new Build, except en-US. In the case of adding Language Packs where multiple languages are present, all Languages will be included in the Build Name


When creating an ISO, the ISO will have the name of the Languages, similar to Invoke-OSBuilderTask. The Label (what you see when the ISO is mounted) will not show any Language information due to the 32 character limitation

Cumulative Updates

When adding a Language Pack, OSBuilder will reapply the Cumulative Update and run a Windows Image Cleanup. This is because the Cumulate Update will also update certain files that were added in a Language Pack. The CU and Cleanup process should only take 2 minutes to complete.

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