Windows 10 1809 RSAT Capability

You need OSBuilder 19.1.17+ for this to function properly

Download Windows 10 Features On Demand Disk 1

To add the Windows 10 1809 RSAT Capability, you need to first download the Features on Demand ISO from MVLS

Save the ISO to your OSBuilder\Content\IsoExtract directory. In summary, extract the ISO Content (7-Zip) and rename the directory to Windows 10 1809 FOD x64 (or Windows 10 1809 FOD x86)

Features On Demand Capabilities

Starting with Windows 10 1809, some Features on Demand are installed as a Windows Capability because they contain Satellite resources. Even though RSAT is part of the Features on Demand ISO, they must be installed using Add-WindowsCapability. OSBuilder does not include RSAT as a Feature On Demand when selecting Features On Demand for an OSBuild Task because of the Satellite Dependencies. Make sure you read about the changes to Features On Demand at this link to understand the changes

PowerShell Script

The RSAT Windows Capabilities must be installed using a separate PowerShell Script that is added to OSBuilder. Use the following PowerShell script and save it to your OSBuilder PowerShell Scripts at "C:\OSBuilder\Content\Scripts\Windows 10 x64 1809 Add-CapabilityRSAT.ps1" I have included RSAT x86 as well as the other Features on Demand for x64 and x86, although I do not recommend installing those in an Enterprise Image.


When creating a New-OSBuildTask, select the RSAT PowerShell Script


When executing a New-OSBuild, you will see the PowerShell Script in the Task Information as well as during execution of the PowerShell script


For a test, I can create an ISO using New-OSBMediaISO and when complete, I will install it on a Virtual Machine. For proper testing, make sure to disable any Network connections to ensure that everything is installed Offline. Looks perfect!


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