Update an OS (Process)

So what exactly is the process to updating an OS with Offline Servicing? There's actually quite a few steps involved ...

Download Dynamic Setup UpdateDownload Servicing Stack UpdateDownload Cumulative UpdateDownload DotNet Cumulative UpdateDownload Adobe Security UpdateDownload Dynamic Component UpdateUpdate Media with Dynamic Setup UpdateMount WinPE (Boot.wim Index 1)Mount WinRE (Exported during Import-OSMedia)Mount WinSE (Boot.wim Index 2)Update WinPE with Servicing Stack UpdateUpdate WinRE with Servicing Stack UpdateUpdate WinSE with Servicing Stack UpdateUpdate WinPE with Cumulative UpdateWinPE DISM Cleanup Image (to recover space)Update WinRE with Cumulative UpdateWinRE DISM Cleanup Image (to recover space)Update WinSE with Cumulative UpdateWinSE DISM Cleanup Image (to recover space)Update Media Setup with WinSEDismount and Save WinPEDismount and Save WinREDismount and Save WinSEExport WinPE.wim (to compress)Export WinRE.wim (to compress)Export WinSE.wim (to compress)Rebuild Boot.wimMount OS Install.wimReplace OS WinRE.wimUpdate OS with Servicing Stack UpdateUpdate OS with Dynamic Component UpdatesUpdate OS with Cumulative UpdateOS DISM Cleanup Image (to recover space)Update OS with DotNet Cumulative UpdateUpdate OS with Adobe Security UpdateOS DISM Cleanup Image (to recover space)Dismount and Save OSExport Install.wim (to compress)

All these above steps are done with OSBuilder using the following PowerShell command

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