OSMedia Updating

When new Microsoft Updates are released, its time to update all my Operating Systems. This is actually quite easy to do. To keep from having a long list of OSMedia, its a good idea to Archive old revisions in an OSMedia subdirectory

I typically move my Imported OSMedia that hasn't been modified into an ImportMedia directory. Previous OSMedia versions that have been superseded get moved into Archive where I will delete as needed. I usually keep one month back just in case things don't update properly with my latest existing OSMedia

This is the command that will download all the updates I need to get things up to date. I can select all if I want, or just select the ones that do not show Latest on all existing updates. These are the ones that you need. Multi-select the OSMedia and press OK

After pressing OK, all the selected OSMedia will be checked for required Updates and download what is needed

This is the command that will update the OSMedia. In this case I sorted by the ones missing the Cumulative update and pressed OK. Now time to get some sleep and see all my updated OSMedia in the morning.


Yes, its that easy getting everything up to date. If I want to save a step, I can always Download and Update at the same time using the following command

Update-OSMedia -DownloadUpdates -Execute

Tomorrow I'll update my OSBuilds. Enjoy!

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