Auto ExtraFiles

Auto ExtraFiles are files that are copied from a Windows Install.wim during an Import-OSMedia, Update-OSMedia, or an New-OSBuildTask. They are then copied to WinPE\AutoExtraFiles. The purpose is to inject these files into WinPE when executing a PEBuild Task.

To add Auto ExtraFiles to your already up to date OSMedia, simply run Update-OSMedia again. You will have to manually rename the new OSMedia to remove the random 4 digits at the end of the OSMedia name


When creating a New-PEBuildTask, you will have the option to copy the Auto ExtraFiles to WinPE using the -AutoExtraFiles parameter

Collected Files

The following files are collected (contact me if I need to add things) to be used for Auto ExtraFiles

  • AeroLite Theme

  • Cacls

  • Choice

  • Comp

  • Defrag

  • Djoin

  • ForFiles

  • GetMac

  • MakeCab

  • MSInfo32

  • MSTSC (Remote Desktop Connection)

  • OSK (On Screen Keyboard)

  • Shutdown

  • SystemInfo

  • TSKill

  • WinVer

Auto ExtraFiles Content

WinPE Examples

When adding Auto ExtraFiles to a PEBuild, you will be able to execute the commands in a completed PEBuild.

AeroLite Theme (Flat Windows) - Requires RegAdd



MSTSC (Remote Desktop Connection)

OSK (On Screen Keyboard)





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