Language Packs

Integration Methods

Language Packs can be added to OSBuilder using the following methods

  • Content\IsoExtract

    • Download the Language Pack ISO from MVLS

  • Content\Updates\LanguagePack

    • Use Get-OSBUpdate for Windows 10 1607 - 1803

  • Content\LanguagePacks

    • Manual copy


Select the Language Packs to integrate into an OSBuild

Download Windows 10 Language Pack ISO

In MVLS search for the Windows 10 Language Pack. All Windows Editions should download the same ISO. The Release Date should correspond with a Windows ReleaseId (1809 = Released Sept'18)


The ISO should be unzipped using following the IsoExtract Guide

For this purpose I expanded the ISO using 7-Zip and renamed the directory to Windows 10 1809 Language

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