Recovery DaRT

Microsoft DaRT is also used to create Recovery Image with DaRT integration


Before you can create a Recovery DaRT WinPE, you need to create a New-PEBuildTask. WinRE.wim will be automatically used for this Task. Use the following PowerShell command:

New-PEBuildTask -TaskName "Win10 x64 1809" -AutoExtraFiles -ScratchSpace 256

If you have added MS DaRT to OSBuilder, you will be prompted to add it. When complete, a Task JSON file will be created which can be used with New-PEBuild

The Recovery Prefix will be added automatically to the Task Name, so unless you want 'Recovery Recovery Win10 x64 1809' as your Task Name, just leave it out.


{    "TaskName":  "Recovery Win10 x64 1809 DaRT",    "TaskVersion":  "",    "TaskType":  "PEBuild",    "AutoExtraFiles":  "True",    "DeploymentShare":  "",    "MediaName":  "Win10 Ent x64 1809 17763.1",    "PEOutput":  "Recovery",    "ScratchSpace":  "256",    "SourceWim":  "WinRE",    "WinPEAddADK":  null,    "WinPEAddDaRT":  "WinPE\\DaRT\\DaRT 10\\",    "WinPEAddWindowsDriver":  null,    "WinPEInvokeScript":  null,    "WinPERobocopyExtraFiles":  null}


OSBuilder automatically removes this prompt

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