Its time to have a little fun and get some learning done at the same time. This name of this game is Frogger.

New OSBuilder Home

To make things easier to follow and not clutter things up, I am going to start with a brand new OSBuilder Home. I'll use the following command

OSBuilder -SetPath C:\OSDeploy\Frogger

I'll import a brand new Operating System using the following command

You will want to have your OSMedia updated by using Update-OSMedia, but for this game, it is not really necessary

Frogger Arcade Pack

Now its time to download the Frogger Arcade Pack. Download and Unzip the attached Zip file

Now its time to place the Zip contents in the proper locations

Frogger Registry

Move the contents of Frogger Registry into your Templates\Registry\AutoApply\Windows 10. This will ensure that the Registry entries get applied to every Windows 10 OSBuild

Frogger Wallpaper

Copy the entire Frogger Wallpaper directory into the Templates\ExtraFiles\AutoApply\Windows 10 directory. This will ensure that the contents of Frogger Wallpaper are copied into the OS of every Windows 10 OSBuild

PowerShell Script

To have the PowerShell Script executed with every OSBuild, no matter the Operating System, copy it into the Templates\Scripts\AutoApply\Global directory

Start Layout

Finally, copy the Windows 10.xml file into the Content\StartLayout directory


Now create a New-OSBuildTask with the following command line

New-OSBuildTask -TaskName Frogger -CustomName Frogger

You will select the Operating System, and then be prompted to select a Start Layout. Select the one that was added from the Frogger Arcade Pack


Now its time to execute the OSBuild. The SkipUpdates parameter is used to prevent the Windows Updates from being applied. This will save a significant amount of time and should be used for testing only. The MediaISO will create an ISO (ADK required) and allow us to test the image in a Virtual Machine

New-OSBuild -SkipUpdates -Execute -MediaISO

During the OSBuild process, the following steps will be completed

  • Frogger Wallpaper added to Templates\ExtraFiles will be added automatically

  • Start Layout.xml from the Task will be applied

  • TimeZone Script added to the Templates\Scripts will be added automatically

  • Registry REG files added Templates\Registry will be converted to Offline Registry files

  • Offline Registry files will be applied

  • ISO will be created

Virtual Machine Testing

Now time to do some setup

Frogger Results

  • Desktop Icons were added by the Template Registry REG User Desktop Icons.reg

  • Wallpaper was added by Template ExtraFiles Frogger Wallpaper

  • C:\Windows\Web\4K\Wallpaper\Windows contains different size Wallpaper. If the Screen Resolution matches one of these Wallpaper dimensions, it will be applied

  • Changing the Screen Resolution to a size that is not represented by the 4K wallpaper results in Windows using C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Windows\img0.jpg, which is the Frogger Wallpaper

  • OEM Information was modified by the Template Registry Computer OEMInformation.reg

  • Control Panel displays small icons by Template Registry User Control Panel View.reg

  • Windows Explorer view was set using a few different Template Registry files

    • User Explorer Advanced.reg

    • User Explorer Title Bar Full Path.reg

    • Win10 User Remove OneDrive Setup.reg

Game Over

I hope that this example shows the new changes to OSBuilder and that it can be as easy as playing a game. Happy jumping and watch out for moving cars!

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