A New-OSBuildTask will take an existing OSMedia and apply customizations


The name of the Task you are creating. This name will be used for naming the Task JSON file. This parameter is required

New-OSBuildTask -TaskName 'Win10 Ent x64 1809'


OSBuilds are automatically named in the following format:

<Operating System> <Edition> <Arch> <UBR>

If you require something more friendly, use the BuildName parameter

New-OSBuildTask -TaskName 'Win10 Ent x64 1809' -BuildName 'Engineering Build'


If you want to enable NetFX3 in your OSBuild (recommended), use this parameter

New-OSBuildTask -TaskName 'Win10 Ent x64 1809' -EnableNetFX3

Create New-OSBuildTask

Now create a basic New-OSBuildTask with the following command line

New-OSBuildTask -TaskName 'Win10 Ent x64 1809 Demo' -BuildName 'Slackers'

Select a Source OSMedia

Select a source OSMedia to use for the OSBuild Task. It is not necessary to select the latest version as OSBuilder will automatically select the newest version when using New-OSBuild


When the script is complete, the customizations will be displayed in the PowerShell console

Task File

A Task will be created at "C:\OSBuilderDemo\Tasks\OSBuild Win10 Ent x64 1809.json"

Task Contents

The image below is what a typical OSBuild Task looks like. In this JSON file are all the values needed for creating a New-OSBuild

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