Admin Rights

OSBuilder requires Admin Rights in PowerShell as you will be mounting Windows Images for Offline Servicing. This is a requirement of DISM

Operating System Requirements (Your Computer)

The OSBuilder PowerShell Module requires an OS Version of 10, which includes the following Operating Systems

  • Windows 10

  • Windows Server 2016

  • Windows Server 2019

Using the OSBuilder PowerShell Module on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2012 will only cause pain, grief, and sorrow

Operating Systems for Offline Servicing

OSBuilder will allow you to fully Update and Customize Windows 10, Server 2016, or Server 2019. Windows 7 and Server 2012 can be Updated but not Customized

Hardware Requirements

Offline Servicing of an Operating System can take a considerable amount of time, especially on older releases. The process of Mounting a WIM, Applying a Cumulative Update, and performing DISM Image Cleanup will take as little as 30 minutes (1809 x86) on an Intel Core i7 computer with a SSD, to almost 2 hours (1607 x64) on the same system.

Since OSBuilder will mount Windows Images, I strongly recommend that you do not have any running Anti-Virus scanning files ON ACCESS. McAfee will prevent the dismounting of images properly.

OSBuilder works best on a stand alone Workstation Class computer. An AntiVirus performing On Access Scanning will interfere with mounted Windows Images. Alternatively, you can use a Virtual Machine as an alternate solution

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