You may want to download the Microsoft Updates you need before Updating any Operating Systems. This is not required as you can let Update-OSMedia download what you need, but if you want to get them downloaded first, us this function

When running Get-OSBuilderUpdates without any parameters, a complete list of downloads will be listed. Optional Downloads like Language Packs, Language Interface Packs, and Features on Demand are not displayed by default. Files that have already been downloaded will not be shown in the list

Get-OSBuilderUpdates -UpdateCatalogs

It is necessary to check for updated Catalogs from time to time . . . use this Parameter

Get-OSBuilderUpdates -Catalog

You can filter Updates by Catalog. Catalogs are saved in OSBuilder\Updates as JSON files

Get-OSBuilderUpdates -FilterOS -FilterOSArch -FilterOSBuild

Use these parameters to narrow down the OS Compatibility that you need updates for

Get-OSBuilderUpdates -Download -ShowDownloaded

The Download parameter will download the files that are available, and ShowDownloaded will include a listing of the Downloaded Updates

PowerShell ISE GridView

If you are in PowerShell ISE, you can use the IseGridView parameter to display a list of available updates. Select the ones you want to download (use the Download parameter) and press OK

Remove Superseded

When Catalogs get new updates, old updates will need to be removed. They will be displayed and you can use the RemoveSuperseded parameter to delete them

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